CBHB syndicates your enhanced listings data through AdMaster™ to websites such as Zillow, Trulia,,, your company provided agent website and virtual tours and videos.

AdMaster tracks consumer views of your listings for use in CBHB’s Web Traffic Reports and Agent Summary reports. Web traffic reports show views of specific listings while the Agent Summary report provides an inventory snapshot at a quick glance, both reports are emailed weekly on Tuesday. We are pleased to announce that you may now login to AdMaster at any time to retrieve these reports via the “Online Tools” tab.

Instructions on how to access these reports and how to change your email settings can be found in the short tutorial below!

TIP: Agents with a large inventory of listings may wish to opt out of the individual weekly listing emails and select to pull the report on your own. This would help alleviate the volume of emails you receive each Tuesday. (EG: 25 listings = 25 individual property web traffic emails. 125 listings = 125 individual property web traffic emails.)